Social Distancing Guidelines

As we get closer to the very anticipated reopening date of May 20, 2020, in coordination with the health department, some guidelines have been put in place. While we are so excited to get back to work, we have our concerns that only your cooperation will help ease. All of Wildflower Salon’s restrictions are set in place for your protection and the protection and safety of our staff and their families.

  1. The waiting room is closed. Kindly call the salon from the parking lot and let us know you’ve arrived for your appointment. Prior to entering you will be required to participate in a Well test that consists of a few health questions and having your temperature taken at the door.
  2. A facemask must be worn at all times while in Wildflower Salon. This mask needs to be one that attaches behind your ears. Masks that tie behind your head and neck will not allow us to perform your hair service. Be sure the mask you wear to the salon is one you don’t mind getting messy. Hair color stains. This rule includes all children getting haircuts too. If your child is not able to wear a face mask for the entirety of their service we ask you reschedule their appointment.
  3. No services will be performed that involves the removal of your face mask.  (ie. lip wax, chin wax, makeup application….)
  4. No outside food or drink. Please bring only what you need for your appointment.(keys, payment, Cell phone if necessary)
  5. Limit conversations with other guests and conversations on your cell phone.
  6. Only people who have appointments will be allowed in the salon. This means no guests. Anyone who accompanies you during your hair appointment will be asked to wait either outside or in your vehicle. This includes children.
  7. Arrive to your appointment with clean, dry hair.
  8. No blow drying! We have been prohibited from performing this service. No exceptions.
  9. We reserve the right to refuse service if you’re not well or answer yes to any of our well questions.
  10. Social distancing marks of 6 feet will be visible to all guests.
  11. A modest price increase has occurred due to the inflation of cost of product, the extra products required to safely reopen and service you and the increase of shipping costs.
The Wildflower family is like no other! Your love and support during such a difficult time has fueled us to this point and now we just ask for your patience and continued support while we navigate a path that’s not been traveled before. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you all again within the perimeter set by the health department and Wildflower Salon.
Love and good health to you all.
Xoxo, The Wildflowers